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Fluttershy's Stamp of Approval by tiwake

Me holding a Flag!
Filly Fluttershy by Midnight--Blitz
Being cute!
Filly Fluttershy by MochiFries
Laying on a Cloud!
Filly Fluttershy vector by pridark
Filly Fluttershy by CrusierPL
Flying with the Butterflies! :D
Just flying. :)
Napping... ^^
Fluttershy Just Being Adorable by JunkiesNewb
Looking up to the Sky.
FillyShy by Kooner-cz
Just me being Adorable.
Filly Fluttershy [Animated Gif] by ABluSkittle
Like my Outfit?
Filly Flutterspy by Midnight--Blitz
I'm Surprised!
Fluttershy Filly Suprise by Tim015
Not happy. :(
Don't make me cry! :'(
Don't cry Filly Fluttershy by ExiBrony
My ID Card.
Don't I look Cute? :)
Cute Fluttershy by flamp1
Fluttershy Filly pt 2 by Omniferious
Beautiful Butterflies. ^^
Filly Fluttershy with some Butterflies by Blanishna




Hello Everypony!!!

              What is this place
       filled with so many wonders?
       Casting its spell
       That I am now under

       Squirrels in the trees
       and the cute little bunnies
       Birds flying free
       and bees with their honey


       Oooh, what a magical place
       and I owe it all to the Pegasus race
       If I knew the ground had so much up its sleeve  
       I'd have come here sooner, and never leave

       Yes, I love everythiiiiing!



Oh....Um.....I'm Fluttershy.....And I'm kinda shy...... Also, I'm a filly..... Everypony thinks I'm a Door-mat and a Push-over..... :iconfoalfluttershyplz: :'(


✬The Official Filly Fluttershy™✬

`·.Filly Fluttershy's Oƒƒicial DA page ™

This is the Real/Original/Official/Actual profile of Filly Fluttershy this will always be to Real/Original/Official/Actual profile of Filly Fluttershy do not steal or pose as me I do not appreciate it at all. Official DeviantART page of Filly Fluttershy™- // Official |✔| or | Poser |✖|Real ☑ Fake☐

Official/Original/Actual/REAL Filly Fluttershy✔ ☑

(© ✔Verified Official Filly Fluttershy)✔ Official DeviantART page of Filly Fluttershy™- // Official |✔| or | Poser |✖|Real ☑ Fake☐

™Official page of (Filly Fluttershy)©█║▌│█│║▌║││█║▌│║▌║█║▌║││█║...~Fluttershy



The Real OFFICIAL DeviantART page of Filly Fluttershy.

is an official account by law.

Violators will be punished!!

████████████████████100% real verified Filly Fluttershy Verified by Verified-MLP & Offical-MLP.

I am the 100 % real Filly Fluttershy!!!

╔═╦═╦══╦╗Put This
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Here is my Older self: :iconfluttershymlpreal:

Verified...By: :iconoffical-mlp::iconverified-mlp::iconmlp-verify: Also, Verified by Pinkie Pie! Pinkie Pie CHECK! by boem777

Current Residence: Cloudsdale, Equestria.
Favorite genre of music: DJ Pon-3's!
Favorite style of art: Beautiful pictures. ^^
Shell of choice: Cocoon.
Personal Quote: So many wonders. :)

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Filly-Flutter Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014
Hello twinny!
AppleSisters Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014
Howdy there Flutter shy!
pinkiepie-ask Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013
My name is Pinkie Pie
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Hello, Miss Fluttershy.
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Hey Fluttershy :) 
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Question: Who is your fav out of the mane 6?
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Hey Fluttershy!
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Omg Hey Filly FLuttershy!
AnyCartoonRP-Rarity Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
'Hello Dear Fluttershy'

Rarity put her hoof on her beloved friend's shoulder and smiled.
Scantyandkneesocks12 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2013
Scanty: Aww. Well aren't you cute.
Kneesocks: as a matter of fact she's a little too cute...
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